Wednesday, July 1, 2015


EACH SUNDAY THE COUPLES HERE IN OUR APARTMENT COMPLEX SHARE SUNDAY DINNER. Last Sunday was my turn in the rotation to prepare the main dish as couples come to enjoy one another after our Sabbath day. We use to have 9 couples and to fit 18 people in our small living rooms was a challenge, but now for a moment we have 6 couples and 12 fits just fine. I love how we all band together and eat with the thoughts of our week and Sabbath upon us. This last Sunday the topic was the Supreme Court Ruling #lovewins. It seems like another reality as we serve here with the welfare of souls mingled among us, but the topic was heavy and took us on a conversation of grave concern. At the end, it was wonderful that we stood as Jesus would and each of us could feel the power of His love to be the gateway to our eternities. In the end heaven has the last say, and till then we need only to love and do our part with steadfastness in all things. We surely can't afford to be idle in any thing that takes our focus away from our God.

The picture below is of the baked spaghetti dish I offered. As you can see the conversation and food went well together....all the way to the finish line we will go.


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