Friday, July 3, 2015


LOVE ALL THESE COUNTRIES AND THE STRENGTH OF THE GOSPEL. We went to Benin a few weeks ago, and loved being there. Each country has its own traditions and flavor, and we love the French ways in this country. Kind, loving and so friendly. You can go out shopping and come back with a dress within a conversation. This is Rafael and I didn't really want or need a dress, but the Lord needed me to stop and share with this Gentle Giant of a Man. He saw my tag and instantly we started our conversation about Jesus Christ. He shows me his bible and the scriptures on his phone and we speak of Psalms and the love the Lord has for us. The next thing I know is that I'm being fitted for a traditional dress, and told to come back and it will be ready. Well, here you go and now I have a friend in Benin and a dress that I wear and love. How beautiful to remember how many encounters we have where Jesus Christ is the real reason between our hearts.

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