Friday, July 17, 2015


CALLED TO SERVE. I love when I can come into a country, the language is foreign, have no mode of transportation and the leadership of our church favors me with their presence. Today, was such a morning that the Stake Relief Society President with a return missionary who was the translator came to share their deep desires about literacy in the church here. This meeting will set the stage for the roll out of the program in Togo. It is like anything you do, you get better with the number of attempts, on the ground experience, local feedback and the true gift of willing servants to move the gospel of Jesus Christ forward. Sister Albertine said she had prayed me here to her land, and I expressed to her that I felt she was an answer to my prayers. In moments such as this, which are frequent here on our mission, you sense the urgency of all our efforts in the hands of the Lord. I'm excited to return to Accra and have translation of our latest Gospel Literacy Modules into French. Humble is not big enough of a word to express my feeling serving a mission in this great land.

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