Sunday, July 5, 2015


WHAT A TREAT TO GO BACK TO THE VERY FIRST WARD WE WENT TO ON THE FIRST SUNDAY WHEN WE ARRIVED. Today, as we were sitting and waiting for church to start, so many were already in their places listening to the music and reading their scriptures. When I bore my testimony today, I spoke about if Jesus had walked in and saw them all ready for church to start they would not have missed a word by being late. He would have looked out on a sea of belief in Him. When I stood, I knew I had been shaped and changed from when I had last seen them. All the months that had past, since we were there, and it still felt like my home, but my love seem bigger.

The pictures are of the same woman months apart that sat by me both times. I recognized her, because the first picture is one of my favorites. The scriptures opened on her lap prepared and pondering. I found her today with the word of God opened to her heart once again, and knowing she loves Him.

The Saints with their constant faith here has truly changed me!

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