Friday, July 3, 2015


ELDER TERRY'S TRAVEL ADVENTURES. These pictures are of two different aircraft I'm boarding.  The first is a picture showing the front landing gear of the aircraft that is about 4 feet from the spot it is supposed to be parked.  Since the jetway couldn't line-up with the aircraft all passengers had to walk down 39 stairs and then back up 20 more stairs into the aircraft. 


The second shows the typical walking distance to the aircraft that always seems to be parked about 2 blocks away. 


At the bottom of the aircraft stairs you will always find a customs agent who will check your ticket and passport again – even though you just showed it to the gate agent minutes before. 


Last weekend I set a new "personal best" record for the number of times I had to haul-out and show my passport and airline ticket for a single flight segment.  This was for my flight from Lagos, Nigeria to Accra, Ghana:     


Checked passport and airline ticket:  

Airport entrance door

Check-in roundabout 

Checkin counter

Customs entrance

Customs medical

Terminal medical

Customs medical (again)

Customs X-ray booth 

Terminal gates entrance 

Gate bag search


Gateway outside

Airplane doorway

 Total = 13


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