Saturday, June 27, 2015


HEARD FROM MY ADORABLE DAUGHTER THAT ANOTHER WEE ONE WILL BE JOINING OUR FAMILY. I'm still in awe as if it is the first Grandchild. I'm pinching myself because it seems that Vera was just born, and wasn't I just getting the call from Dave that she was born in the backseat of the car. Dave has assured me that this one will not be born on the street. Okay Vera what is you guess a SISTER or a BROTHER? Mine is a brother. Baby will be born in February, and I can't figure out how to fly in just in time and get back to our mission. We will leave mid March. Hang on little one I'll be there soon afterwards. That will be really hard!


  1. So thrilled for all of you. "Each baby born into this world is finer than the last....."
    Hugs to everyone!