Saturday, June 13, 2015


I OFTEN WONDER AT ALL THAT I HAVE ON A DAILY BASIS, AND HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH. As I continue to marvel at the simple but hard way of life here, there is something that they posses in this land that sustains what we would say would be to difficult. It is what they wake up to, what they have available and how they just make it enough. What I love is that they have taught me enough is all you have and it is good. They do it with a smile, and time for us anytime we stop to see them. They put the relationship of kindness before the long list of what is needed for them to survive that day. I want to develop what they have shown me by having THE TIME for others that cross my path to know Him in one another...even if for a brief moment it surely adds goodness to my soul. 
Today, as we were shopping a couple that will be going home soon, the Watson's, were looking at a mancala game and she casually mentioned she didn't know how to play. This sweet woman took a game and the small pods from their bag and patiently explained the game. This was after Sister Watson expressed that she wasn't going to buy it. As we got back in the car Sister Watson said, "Why am I waiting to see if I can find another one I like better"? She left the car and had decided to ask the woman would take 25 cedis instead of 30. The woman agreed and my kind friend dashed (gave) her the other 5 cedis. I love those moments when we value a relationship, time, kindness and the simple way of life to connect enough to care. It is always just enough if we care enough in the lives of someone we meet.

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