Friday, June 12, 2015


 ABOUT TWO MONTHS AGO, I lost the Missionary badge that gets us into the Area Office and onto each floor. I remember the day reaching to find it on my skirt and it was not there. Without this entry badge you can't get in at all. I had to go to security and explain I had lost it. I felt like I was going to the principal's office, because they take security seriously, and knew they would frown on me loosing mine. Sure enough they were concerned, but I explained I didn't know where it had come off as I had been several places outside the office that day. So, I'm thinking that they will cancel that one and issue me another one. In fact, the Head Security person told me they were out of badges for Missionaries and expected to be receiving some from Salt Lake soon. I knew what he was really saying was it might take a while. So, he issued me a badge that said VISITOR, and explained that I could use this one till mine came in. I thought as I was going back to my office that the badge worked the same, but being a VISITOR instead of a MISSIONARY just didn't feel the same.
Well, yesterday I received my badge and I was smiling ear to ear. No visiting for me, because I've been called to serve Him here as a MISSIONARY of Jesus Christ and not a guest. I have only 18 months to be called Sister Terry and 9 of them have flown by already. The next 9 months I will make sure my MISSIONARY security stays close at hand, and not be a casual VISITOR in anything He asks me to do!


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