Sunday, March 8, 2015


WITHIN JUST A FEW STEPS.....Standing in the outside foyer of the Christiansborg Stake Center on the Temple grounds affords you this view. In the distance is the area office where we find ourselves spending much of our time in preparations for our assignments. Their is the distinct feeling as you are walking the grounds here that we are so truly blessed, loved and ever so close to the learning of His holy house. We do not take it lightly that many travel very long distances to come and enter. We see bus loads from other countries enter with smiles upon their faces prepared to enter and receive further light and knowledge. We as missionaries have the opportunity to do temple sessions, and every Friday one of the Area Presidents performs sealings, and we all come to kneel across the altar for our beloved brothers and sisters. When you hear their names, it is as if generations come forth to witness the the long awaited sealing powers upon the earth. What a sacred opportunity we have to share such an intimate view of this gospel.

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