Sunday, March 8, 2015


Same smiles....This is a picture of Elder Terry and myself within the first week we arrived. I look at this picture and understand so much more than I could of possibly even started to comprehend when we first arrived. Believe it or not we are a few days away from being here 6 months, and I can't believe that time has gone so very fast. Elder Terry for the next 6 weeks will be going to Nigeria, Benin and Ivory Coast for his assignment. My assignment will keep me here except for the Ivory Coast. It is strange to be going in opposite directions most of our days, but our office we are side by side and have so many moments where we look at each other and try to wipe the stun look off our faces. We feel as if the Lord has given us the first months of our mission to grasps tiny, large and very important concepts involved in our mission. We never truly know what will happen in a day as there are so many variables here, but we have proven that our smiles never change and our love continues to grow that He would give us this opportunity to serve Him in such a choice land. SO THANKFUL THAT WE STILL HAVE A YEAR TO REALLY ROLL UP OUR SLEEVES!

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