Sunday, March 8, 2015


YOU GOT MAIL....I was sitting in my office this week and a young man came in and said, "Sister Terry you have mail". Well, you can imagine how that felt in my heart. It seems that email, FaceTime, Facebook and messaging has taken the forefront of our communications back home. There is something very tangible in ones heart when you can see the written word from another when you are so far away. To see Sister Terry written in my grandchildren's handwriting took my heart on a journey that I didn't expect. Even now, I have to pause to place myself in the innocence of them missing us. It was a beautiful moment to sit beside them and wipe away my tears, and then pass the letters on to Elder Terry and have him bow his head in missing as well. What balm and beauty the word LOVE, in all its forms, gives us to reach across miles and shorten any distance between two granddaughters that made that day and moment in our hearts!

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