Sunday, March 8, 2015


WHO'S COOKING IN THE KITCHEN... Okay, we use the word loosely when you go out to eat at some eating establishments as you can see in the picture. The gentleman in the first picture is making egg roll wrappers at a Thai resturant we were eating at. We were saying our goodbyes to the couple at the end of the table the Packs. They are literally our next door neighbors in our apartment complex. I'm not sure how I'm liking this saying goodbyes, and it has cause me to sit within and learn to say those words more than a few times here. We have missionaries that we work with starting to go home, and we try to let them go gracefully. Many, including the Packs, won't be far away when we come home because they live in the greater Salt Lake area. The Packs will return to Alpine, and it is a blessing that we once again can be kinda neighbors in America.
You never quite know when you go to a new resturant what you will see. The man making the wrappers would use his ungloved right hand and dip it in a bowl of dough and then drop it on the grill and pull the excess dough off leaving a very thin piece of batter like a crepe. I don't think they have health and sanitation regulations here. As you can see from the picture, we have learned to look past so many things and eat anyway with no idea what's happening in the kitchen. It's best that way!

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