Sunday, March 15, 2015


Bernice I wish I had your color....Now, I understand why they think sister missionaries dress so bland here. The colors and fabric they have here in Ghana are breathtaking. This is Bernice and I've fallen in love with her ever giving heart. She has a sewing shop here and I love when she takes me to the market and I pick out fabric, she helps me design the clothing and then she comes back with such creations. On this day, she was so excited for me to try this dress on I put it on over my other clothes. She is a Godly woman who is about doing good in her country with many iniatives. She is especially instrumental with girls with their monthly cycle, spiritual growth, physical safety and empowerment. I'm exhausted when I follow her for only a day, because she is networked with so may others just being God's hands. She loves this gospel and lives it everyday. I'm eternally grateful that a loving Heavenly Father dropped Bernice right in the middle of my world. I can't wait to put my badge on this if I could get her skin color it would make it even more beautiful.

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