Saturday, March 28, 2015


Last weekend Elder Terry was in Nigeria and I was training in Cape Coast...not to be confused with the Country of Côte d'Ivoire, and we both had interesting but different experiences. When I picked him up from the airport, he was quiet and I mentioned that I would try to work my schedule so we could go together next time, and he said, "No you won't." Evidentially, it was a place currently that has an upcoming election that has the country on edge. So, I guess I can take traveling together to Nigeria off our schedule for awhile. We don't even have any white young or Senior missionaries in the country with threats of kidnapping. Best to be safe!
While mine was to a coastal town about 4 hours away from Accra, and the Gospel Literacy Teacher Training went very well. There are always so may details to prepare and have ready that by the time you arrive it is a relief to finally be there. The Stake building we trained in put the group of about 35 in the overflow of the chapel with all fans going on HIGH. I learned something very important that training...not to wear a flared skirt because you become Marilyn Monroe.
I did have time for an early Sabbath beach walk that the collection of shells became to many for my hands, and I managed to find this well torn carton to place my treasures in. 
I AM POWERFUL was written by this beautiful sister in our literacy class on Sunday. As the classes are now being held in the Stakes that are trained it is with so much love I enter in and take a seat. In this particular class in Cape Coast, there were 5 students all women and ranging in age from 50-70. Part of the beginning lesson is to put I AM on the chalkboard and then you see what they add. It is very evident who are you beginners, because they are struggling to hold the pencil. While the woman you see a picture of is writing I AM POWERFULL. I love the moments that you are taken totally by surprise, and you have that eye contact that says YES!  As we talked together about why she powerful, in her very little English, she expressed GOD KNOWS. Then, I look over and the teacher is helping the older sister hold the chalk and write the letter I. My heart always swells, and then I take a moment to cover up one of the L's in the sister's POWERFULL and simple teaching begins.
I'll try to get Elder Terry to write of his experience, but he didn't take one picture for many reasons!

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