Sunday, March 15, 2015


TODAY, I sat with a group of women in their literacy class. Some can read small small, others can copy words from the board and then some are learning to hold a pencil. The woman on the left holding her pencil was my teacher today. As I saw her struggling to place the pencil in her hand, I leaned forward from behind and took her hand letter by letter and wrote the word DEDICATION. She is new in the class, and I felt heaven's embrace as she and I became one. As a child, we wrote the word in her notebook, and the beam on her face as she looked at the letters was priceless. When someone does something good in class here they say, "LET'S SHINE FOR HER". They put their hands together and rub them in a clockwise direction. The class shined for her, and she smiled with her whole soul. To write her first word and it be DEDICATION fit her perfectly.

The woman next to her in the blue is an advanced beginner, and knows her pencil but is just now recognizing words. As we sat together after the literacy class in Relief Society, the lesson was on REPENTANCE and she wrote that word in her notebook. I asked her to find the word on the page in her manual and she was confused. I took her finger and traced along each line and stopped when we found the word. She continued down the page and found the word 4 more times. I took my hands and SHINED FOR HER. She reached over and gave me a heart filled hug and said very slowly...Thank you Sister Terry. Their is no language barrier when love is passed one to another. If everyone could come and sit next to these women, you would understand why AFRICA CHANGES YOU FOREVER. The world would be as He had created if we shined for one another.

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