Sunday, February 1, 2015


THIS PICTURE IS MY SCREEN SAVER at my desk in the Area Office. I love looking at it because it is a gentle reminder of how He feed all those that came and sought him. On the shores of the Sea of Galilee, He performed so many of His miracles. In the background, you can see the glistening of the seashore of HIS COME AND SEE. We have so many moments to COME as we serve here in Ghana. It is a prayer that we will leave our nets straightway, and follow Him in anything we are asked to do. It seems to be the harder ones that we have felt the greatest gift of becoming something more.

The bottom picture are just two loaves and no fishes. Some are bread makers and without my Bosch I don't think I would do very well with just my hand mixer. One Senior Missionary Sister does use hers, and she has already burned it up. So, I decided with all the bananas that I buy on way home every other day that I would become a banana bread maker. I can't seem to say no to the 12 bananas that the woman with a smile comes running to my car window for me to buy. So every other day, I buy and bring them home. And every other day, I'm baking bread to take to people. I love slicing pieces off at work and handing them out, maybe slices them into 1/3, or those that get a whole loaf are so very thankful. Relationships are being formed over a couple loaves of banana bread, and we come and see one another as He would with LOVE. I have two pans and a oven that takes my constant eye to regulate the heat. We will perfect one another in this great work between the loaves we will carry by the sea shore.

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