Sunday, February 1, 2015


YOU NEVER KNOW what you will see out your window as you are traveling down the roads here in Ghana. There are so many times that you will hear the echo in the car, "Oh that would of been a great shot." By the time you get out your iPad or camera the shot has long passed. I've learned to leave my iPad on my lap so I can capture shots that I can see coming down the road. This picture was taken on our way to Kumasi, and I could see the huge plume of smoke in the distance for a while. When we came upon it, we found it to be just an old tire store burning tires. At first, we thought the whole village was on fire. It is never a dull moment as you survey the landscape outside our car window and have countless reminders that you are in Africa, and Africa always shares a smile with you. We love this land.

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