Sunday, February 1, 2015


MAKOLA MARKET is the biggest market in Accra. I'm convinced you can find anything you want here if you just know where to look. And believe me most of the time it isn't where you think you would find it. If you want a long sleeve white shirt to wear in the temple, you go down the street and the women will start pulling out blouses from a gunny sack. If you would like a few more dish towels, you can stop at the women's pile and start picking what color you want. This day I asked her to pick out the color for me. She looked puzzled at first, and then I explained that I wanted to remember her in my kitchen. The blue one in the picture below is the one she choose. You have to be very careful and keep your money tight and go with someone that can navigate its vastness. Bernice has taken scores of us here, and you give her a list and she can go right to most things. Truly, I feel if I went without her that I would be lost and never return. This is Elder Terry's paradise. It's my worst nightmare. He thinks its so much fun, and I'm just wanting to see a little, get things on my list and find my way back to some sort of order. There are those that wait to carry your load back to the car and will follow you as a way of earning money. One day, I would like to trade with them, and carry their load. I would call this place an African Costco on steroids.

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