Sunday, February 1, 2015


IT DOESN'T TAKE a lot to wrap ones service around a calling of those that desire to read and write. My experiences have been varied as the stars in the heavens, and each one I choose to look upon brings me a deeper desire to be a guide in the darkness of their moment. To even see your name on the chalkboard for the very first time is such a humbling moment to witness. I will never tire of being in the classrooms across Ghana and seeing these women and some men fulfill their dream of opening up the scriptures to read the words JESUS CHRIST. The first pictures below is the curriculum and some of the materials for classes. The bottom picture is a graduation in Abomosu that I show when I train and mention that we must keep the end in mind of classes celebrating their graduations. It will be a great day to see class members stand before the congregation and bear testimony of their Lord and Savior, and give their talk for the very first time. My heart is over everyone of those that chose to come to sit and read the word of God.

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