Thursday, February 19, 2015


HERE IS JUST a snapshot of some of the leaders of the Tema Stake in one of the Literacy Leadership Trainings. I walk into a room where anywhere from 16 units to 9 units with Stake Presidency, Stake RS Presidency, Ward RS Presidency and Bishops are in attendance. I would say that its good that I'm not concerned about what I know, but what the spirit can bring into the room. I marvel that they sit here with the vast amounts of spiritual knowledge and life experiences to listen to a white woman. I don't know why that stick in my thoughts at times. I look at what is added between us, and draw them into the world of literacy within their Stake. I'm humbled to feel of their love, their participation and their testimonies. They are on the front line of the church here, and will be the spiritual anchors that hold this program into place. Strong leadership will always equal CHANGE on their level of dedication.

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