Thursday, February 19, 2015


WE MARVEL at the building up of the MTC right on the grounds by the Temple and Area Office. The MTC will not be completed before we return home, and we wish we would be able to see the missionaries streaming in from all over the world. What a holy site that will be to see them coming and going, visiting the Lord's house and receiving their training before they march out into the world. And to think that not that many years ago the church was told that they would never be given ground to build any structure here in Ghana. Even this land is leased, and yet fulfilling the special witness of Jesus Christ with His fullness and glory.

Here are the stats for 2014: This past year they trained 1374 missionaries from 37 different countries throughout the world. Nigeria provided 392, the DR Congo sent 274, Ghana gave us 256 and the next four biggest suppliers were: Ivory Coast - 85; US - 79; Madagascar - 43 and Uganda - 40. The rest of the 205 were spread out over 30 different countries.

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