Sunday, February 1, 2015


WHEN WE WERE in Abomosu we received a call to inquire from the Mission President if we could give a young missionary a ride back to Accra. He explained that he had been playing in a match of soccer and did a face plant. Mind you where we were to where he was is not on smooth highways. As we maneuvered our way to his destination, it always is a marvel that we find our way around on these dusty roads. What an adventure and prayer that we would show up at the right junction and see two boys in white shirts and ties. Indeed, we did and we loved having them in our car for the 3 hour ride back to Accra. The spirit of our conversation put a light on things that really matter to the work we are all involved in. These young missionaries really live in the bush with just bare necessities. They are our heroes. When we came closer to Accra, they kept commenting on all the tall buildings and the smooth roads. It was another gentle reminder that we do live in very favorable circumstances. Nothing escaped their gaze outside the window, and any food we had was eaten including the crumbs.

Didn't have to find the Doctor cause he was calling us for updates, and when we arrived at our apartment complex this fine Elder went right up to the third floor and got 7 stitches. It was wonderful to feel and see how everyone from the Mission President, the Doctor and the AP's were tracking his progress. When a mom and family prayers go out for missionaries across the world, they are answered in a car that can become an ambulance for a son of a mother who prayed for him that very day.


  1. I read all of your posts, and enjoy them all. Thanks for all your hard work and great service! I love seeing Africa through your loving eyes and heart.

    1. So glad you are following our journey. It truly is an amazing day each sunrise. We know we are in the perfect place. You would fit perfectly in this land with your heart as well. Tell the sisters hugs from Ghana!