Tuesday, May 5, 2015


JUST OUTSIDE MY WINDOW a world of simple but yet hard teaches me each day, and I pray the lessons imprint themselves deeply upon the daily change in me. Missions are a multi facet gift that we as missionaries are afforded to look at who we are and who we need to be. When you strip away the daily comings and goings of the life you left behind, the lenses you see the world from affords you time to truly see the important walks of life. It appears the more I see the more I still myself to invite the lives around me to be more within my reach. Though your daily routine on a mission is hectic and change is always part of your day, there is this TIME for the eternal things.  I love my days of life just steps outside my car window, because it centers the essence of what needs to be changed in me.

Weeks apart these pictures were taken, but once again the view of life captures what I need to remember! It's more that just a sidewalk with people...it's His children walking for me to see more.

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