Sunday, May 3, 2015


TODAY WAS STAKE CONFERENCE AND AGAIN THE TESTED TESTIMONIES OF THOSE THAT STOOD THIS DAY HAS FILLED ME TO THE BRIM. They come so very early to be present and find a seat for this conference. It starts at 10 and by 8:30am the hall is full. Elder Terry was given the assignment to take pictures for the historical records, and I watched him feeling quite awkward standing during the meeting pointing the camera at the congregation. The choir was dressed in white shirts, red skirts and a red scarf and the men red bow ties. As we arrived at around 8:45, we were towards the very back then one of the ushers came and said that the President had reserved seats for us up front. I always cringe when this happens, but this time I felt his honor and respect for some of the Senior Missionaries that attended. So, up front and center to reap every word spoken.

This little boy came and sat next to me, and was a reverent as any adult in the place. He searched my eyes, and I felt as if I was in the presence of an angel with a hug from heaven.

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