Friday, May 1, 2015


I LOVE THE RANDOM BUT MEANT TO BE RELATIONSHIPS THAT HEAVENLY FATHER SENDS OUR WAY. This gentlemen, Sadia ZouZou, is from Ivory Coast and I tried to connect with him when I was there a few weeks back, but we missed one another. He showed up at the Area Office and requested an appointment with me about Literacy. Come to find out he is trying hard to help over 400 learners in a small part of his country, and he was desperate for ideas and any help that could be given. We chatted for some time and come to find out he is doing more of Functional Literacy instead of Gospel Literacy. Meaning that he is trying to teach English to those that are running any small business to survive. We pulled together and printed off curriculum for him to use, and he was as excited as a little boy on Christmas Day. What took only a couple of hours, allowed him to return to Ivory Coast to make a difference in the lives of struggling men and women. The principles we teach are so easy that if someone has the heart they can truly make a difference. It's just that simple and that complete. I love how his tie color matched a blouse that I had made here with the Adinkra symbol Gye Nyame meaning the supremacy of God. How he looks upon us and sets our paths alongside one another for his purposes.

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