Saturday, May 30, 2015


THIS COUPLE IS THE SALT OF THE EARTH IN SERVING A MISSION. The Bingham's arrived about 2 months ago, and were sent right to the bush in the village where Elder Terry and I went to train for the last 2 days. So a normal day in the life of bush missionaries are from about 3am onward you have the rooster crowing and keeping the rest of them right along with him, the electricity goes out around 6pm every day till around 6am the next morning, the sweat is always a constant companion, the fridge is a constant challenge to keep things from spoiling, no grocery store for at least 2 hours away, your drinking water is a slow process of filtering it, only a stand up room you enter to shower, the dusty path in front of their home is a constant procession of passerby's that just come in without even knocking, when the electricity goes out their is a generator but it is so loud that you literally have to scream to talk over it and they smile everyday as if life couldn't be any better. I loved as we left that she called me "Her White Face Friend Fix". They have no other white people except for the young elders ever.  I marvel at what they accomplish each day, and loved walking around and having anyone we went to meet pull out any stool or bench for us to sit on. The way of life in Abomosu is at ease and everyone just goes with the electricity on or off. It's just their life.  God Bless the heart and strength of the Bingham's!

Sister Bingham was so gracious to let me take a picture with her, because we left at 6am and she hadn't even dressed properly (she said) for the day. She is my sheroe!

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