Friday, May 1, 2015


Ahhh these wonderful women who are working so hard to learn to read, write and understand the word of God. I feel like I should take off my shoes in their presence, because of their strength of faith and devotion to God. These women are those Saints in this land that desire all of His blessings through reading the pure doctrine of this Gospel. They are hungry to learn, and I have seen miracles happen as they learn to read with the gift of the spirit. The Sister in the far left is the teacher, Isabella, and teaches them twice a week, but comes an extra day for one of the students who is struggling. 

I love standing before them and bearing my witness that Heavenly Father sees them here this very day, and shines upon their efforts. Each one of these Sisters are my sheroes! Yes, there is one brother that comes to support the teacher, and has such a gentle nature of helping about him. By in large the men are shy to come in, and we find it very difficult for them to culturally come to class. Better watch out men these women are ready to SHINE! 

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