Sunday, February 14, 2016


YOU KNOW YOU HAVE MET A KINDRED SPIRIT WHEN IT FEELS YOU JUST PICK UP WHERE YOU LEFT OFF SOMEWHERE.....I have greatly appreciated her kindness and getting things done while I was in Sierra Leone. I loved after my literacy trainings going and having my hands help hers in getting ready for the missionaries to arrive. Oh me oh my what shopping we have done together. I smile as she mentioned one day that she never expects to see anyone that she has served with ever again. So, I soaked in all of Sister Barney every moment I had, and she will remain a woman of great faith and love to me.

Two Sisters that can do almost anything!

Sister CLAWSON and Sister Barney in the training of the newly arrived missionaries.

You can learn anything from this lady with her fun way of teaching. She is a natural!

Always smiling and having fun with a purpose!

Going down and back in the alleys to get lunch for the missionaries. She tried her hardest to get the woman to allow her to take her picture with her, but she was in her night grown. Sister Barney knows no questions she can't ask.

I'm praying that everyone will live after this meal is cooked here!

Buying more plates and utensils for these missionaries apartments.

We both spent an hour or two folding those fresh washed second hand sheets for the missionaries beds.I didn't need to teach her how to fold a fitted bottom twin sheet, but she taught me how to fold a shirt that amazed me. I'll never fold a shirt again when I won't think of her with a smile.

We had a few birthdays one night, and Sister CLAWSON designed a beautiful cake to celebrate.

My personal favorite as she came running to me at the grocery store, and asked me if I got it!

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