Monday, February 8, 2016


ALL ALONG THE WAY I DISCOVER LOVE....As our mission is coming to a close it seems Heavenly Father is placing more individuals to love and be loved. I look just here in Sierra Leone and we start another page of those that have a piece of both our hearts. His love never ends in others that cross my path.

Us, the Clarks from our Accra Mission, Mission President and Sister CLAWSON and the Barney's the nurse.

Adoli and his wife. A beautiful couple married for only 4 months that we just love.

My Stake Literacy Specialists that will take this country into the land of wanting to read, write and testify of the words of God. Brother Jalloh and Sister Love oh how I will miss them. When I told them Elder T and I had been married for 44 years they were in shock. Brother Jalloh texted me later that night and asked if we would give him guidance on how to find his wife and live a happy life. I truly feel like he is my son and Sister Love is my daughter.

My intermediate learners in Goderich Ward where we have brought the Gospel Literacy Program.

This is Gabriel and his son. He is in my literacy class and shared a story of how happy he is because any building he goes into and needs to sign his name he no longer uses his thumbprint. The Lord whispered one day he will be a teacher in the Gospel Literacy Class. When I told him this, he said I will for the Lord!

My beginning learners that are eager to learn everything that we were teaching them. How my heart stands on holy ground!

Elder T and Bishop Titus that have smiles that say everything!

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