Monday, February 8, 2016


SISTER BARNEY TOOK ME AROUND ONE DAY.....I loved that she knew this land, and could take me to those people she loved when she was here before being sent to Ghana because of Ebola. One day she took me to her tailor, and I felt like I had stepped into National Geographic. His shops was made out of tin and just enough for two people and a sewing machine. His name is Santos and he is making me a couple of dresses that I pray will give him a little income for his family.

Back in the land of cloth and colors that I find some of my most beautiful people!

Santos and his sewing machine

Santos' family....

His little shop where he does fabulous sewing!

This young man is heating up the charcoal in the iron to press some clothes. And just think most of us send them to the cleaners or just plug in an iron!

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