Monday, February 8, 2016


EVERYDAY IS AN ADVENTURE WHEN YOU ARE IN SIERRA LEONE.....As we go here and there we find the looking out the window a dance in chaos at times. The roads here in Freetown are in bad repair, the dashing in and out of motorcycles along side the cars have us doubling up on our prayers for safety. There is a hardness of life here because of the past events in this country. It is wonderful to be here at this moment in time to witness the return of the full time missionaries. I can't wait to see those white shirts and name tags with the name of Jesus Christ dotting this land. This is what their footsteps will be seeing!

Local motorcycle taxi stand!

Dusty roads to track those looking for the Gospel!

Cars in all directions with motorcycles weaving all around!

Always roadside stands!

Had to smile at this bedroom set...somehow it seem a little out of place!

And the Mission Office that I see outside my living room window. Tomorrow it will be filled with full time missionaries. Can't wait!

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