Sunday, April 5, 2015


IT TOOK US BY SURPRISE here in Côte d'Ivoire to be on our way to church and see processions of individuals carrying palms and walking to church. They were singing and it was beautiful to witness the triumphant entry into Jerusalem in this land of such believers. We have never been anywhere that we have witnessed this type of remembrance, and it reaffirms that there is more right with the world than their is wrong.

The second picture taken from our hotel window was one of those moments that I've seen so many times of wash day and the women hanging things to dry. As I peaked into this woman's day, I wondered what she would be doing after the wash. Up early and to bed late, the women of Africa keep the home and children in safe arms. Even I had a hard time finding this woman after I took the picture, because there is so much surrounding her. In real life it is the same for these African woman who shoulder the family day after day. As I hang things out to dry here in Africa, I join in part of their day with a light load. See if you can find here!

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