Sunday, April 5, 2015


EVERYDAY THERE IS BEAUTY IN HANDS AND SMILES THAT MEET US. These women are taking the skin off the peanuts we buy here. I find myself passing their stand several times, and its not so much about the peanuts as it is about our conversation with one another. They always pause in their labors to speak with us, and give us a handful to sample. Elder Terry goes for their peanut brittle, and I marvel that I've never passed their stand that they don't have a pan upon their laps. This is one of my favorite stops to share one with another.
MORE THAN A PENCIL SHARPENER.....The next picture is Glory Supply Store. Here name is Rose and we can find just about everything we need for our office and literacy in this little store. I love that we have become business partners, and when I need 1000 pencils, 2000 notebook, 600 pencil sharpeners I can go and give her the business. She has proven herself to be a honest business woman, so I was able to convince the Area Office to let me buy my supplies from her instead of the bigger one they do business with. I love our relationship, and I will be visiting her next week to have her smile bless me once again as I bring her yet another order for supplies. 
THEN THE SLEEPING BABES....tucked safely with their moms wherever they go. They carry their babies with such ease and closeness here.
AT A YOUNG AGE....this little one is wiping off the dust of the benches in the Stake Center before the congregation arrives. When the dust season of Harmattan is upon us it's not a good idea to wear black, because you become the duster and your pants or skirt becomes spots of white.

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