Sunday, April 5, 2015


IT'S A HOLIDAY FOR US HERE IN GHANA and we found ourselves walking the streets with others trying hard, harder and hardest to sell us something. This was a street in the downtown sector that was blocked off and people lined up to buy their product. I felt trapped, and Elder Terry tasted everything. In the first picture, he is telling them that he likes Dr. Pepper and not the malt drink they are trying to get him to take a sip of. I don't think they got the Dr. Pepper part. I figured it was about 110 degrees with the humidity and the sweat was pouring off all of us. They have this interesting volume control here in Africa that if they are playing music it is on HIGHEST VOLUME. Can't figure that one out, and I couldn't even think of the people sitting there all day long. I wonder if they can even hear after that work shift. Elder Terry has a nose to find those ice cream/gelato places and we all went in and had a treat. As you can tell, we are more than happy to be here and serve with the wide variety of adventures we have on any given day.

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