Saturday, January 17, 2015


This is a shot of Sister Stoker and myself as she was preparing to leave for home. It seems strange right now as those that we have become close to start to leave the mission and return back to their love ones. There is something about the first set of missionaries that welcomed you with open arms, the ones that showed you around, answered all your questions and just lived a few knocks away. I now go by their office and a new set of missionaries have come to take their place. But no one can really take her place because Sister and Elder Stoker were one of a kind. She had the bluest eyes that would listen without diverting her attention. It was as if you were the only one in the room. Her spirit radiated a gentleness that so many of us here felt. They have left a huge hole for us all to fill in their absence, but somehow her laughter and kindness will linger with all of us for a long time. I'm standing on my tippy toes and Sister Stoker is bending down so we can be the same height. I'm thankful that she just lives around the corner when we return home, because we really don't have to say Goodbye!!!!!! Safe journey my friend and remember be gentle with yourself!

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