Saturday, January 17, 2015


One day as I was driving and dead stopped in traffic this huge truck here started to roll back, and when he finally stopped I could reach out and touch the body of his truck. You might think that when we are driving here that we drive the same way as we do in America. I would have to say that isn't even close to being true. It can be a bit unnerving at first, and then you learn how to play the game. Don't look when they are squeezing in, horns are their polite way of letting you know they are coming into your lane, motorbikes can do anything they want, and that includes running red lights, cars without a scrape of some kind are rare and you have to put on a little more aggressive behavior if you are going to get any where. My major concern is if I will be able to get Elder Terry out of this mode of driving when we return home. I would suggest giving him a few months to acclimate back to driving the American way.

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