Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I love the experiences that shape our service here. We are continually taught beautiful lessons here by those that love this gospel. The other day, during our Sister Scripture study, a woman entered the room. Her name is Bernice, and she is a champion for women and girls in our area. She is connected in doing so much good for others that you wonder how she accomplishes all that is before her. She had come to thank the group for helping with her Days for Girls Project. Here, as in other African countries, girls do not go to school during their monthly cycle. Herself and other volunteers have come up with a washable packet to give to girls in the area. Bernice came to thank those in our group that had come to help in the Saturday Service Day. She explained that in her culture that when someone has done something kind for you or helped you in someway that you need to walk to them to give thanks. She said that even in her culture that some are moving away from this practice. As she stood before us, you could feel all of us taking note of what was being taught. How often have we sent a text, phone or used Facebook. She said, "You need to look them in the eyes to say thank you". I took my heart note not to forget this lesson that she had brought to us. I thought of the Savior, and knew that in His sandaled feet He had walked many a dusty road to be this example as well. May I never forget the day that Bernice showed us to be more like Him.

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